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Welcome to Strong Island Duct Cleaning, the premier guide & blog for duct cleaning. We are here to aid you in finding a great duct and vent cleaner in your area and also learn amazing practices for keeping your establishment, chutes, vents and filters clean.

Don’t let your home or buildings ducts get so filthy that one day you will have to get up and scream “somebody clean my air chute ducts now

Duct Cleaning Practices For Queens/Long Island Residents:

HVAC registers and other house hold vents have one thing in common—they collect a lot of dust. It makes sense. As the air in your house (and all the dust and hair that goes along with it) is pulled through the vent, these contaminants get trapped on and cling to the vent itself.

Vent cleaning is a very important part of your household maintenance and Long Island commercial cleaning schedule and should be done several times a year, more often if the vent is visually dirty. Trapped dust and hair on vents aren’t just visually unappealing, it can be dangerous and inefficient.

A plugged vent can prevent air from circulating properly, and make the system work harder to get that air through. Even if everything seems to be working properly, the extra effort needed by the equipment to pull air through can mean big bucks on your electric bill later.

To make things even worse,  the dust and hair trapped by your vents if left to build up can eventually become a fire hazard. Keeping these vents clean can help reduce the risk of fires, and give your family safe clean air to breathe.

If it’s time to tackle cleaning the vents and you don’t want to call a professional local contractor you find on Google, here are a few tips to get you started.

Take the vent cover off:

You might think just a couple wipes with a wet sponge will take care of the problem, but there’s more to the dust and debris that get trapped in the vent than just what you can see. Open up the vent and you may find anything from a hoard of spiders to just a lot of dust and hair.

If the vent is in the ceiling, you may want to spread a drop cloth and wear a baseball hat to protect your eyes, as it can get very messy. Also, make sure the heat or A/C is off before opening the vent.

Once the cover is off inspect the inside for anything unusual (signs of wildlife, damage) and then use a vacuum to pull all of the dust out.

The vents themselves can be washed in hot soapy water. Don’t leave them to soak for too long, as the paint can come off, which could lead to much longer maintenance than you originally intended.

When the vents are clean and dry, and everything is vacuumed, you can replace them and the job is done for a few months.

Keeping the vents clean is a very important part of home maintenance. If you’d rather not handle the dirt and grime yourself, there are services available to come out and clean the vents for you. If needed, the same business can also usually clean the ducts and check to make sure there are no problems that can turn into big ones later down the road.

Keeping vents clean is a critical part of maintenance, and can add longevity to your HVAC. If you can see dust building up on your vents, it’s time to get them cleaned so they can continue to serve you properly for years to come. Make sure your local serviceman is NY EPA & CDC certified so that your clients or family can be extra safe.

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